Thursday, December 07, 2023

About Us

Who is Elite Paranormal?

Elite Paranormal is a paranormal investigative team that specializes in seeking out the truth about "life after death" paranormal phenomenon (Ghosts).  We are a team of like-minded individuals that come from various professional backgrounds.  We bring our collective knowledge and experience to the table in effort to collect hard facts about paranormal activity reported by our clients.  We take a serious approach to investigating using state‑of‑the‑art equipment and scientific process scrutinizing all of our findings through rigorous peer review.


What sets us apart from other paranormal teams?

Foremost, we only utilize science and technology to determine if paranormal activity exists.  We have developed and use state‑of‑the‑art equipment and software to aid in our investigation and provide analysis of our data collection.  Our standards for determining paranormal evidence are extremely high, requiring extensive analysis and formal review.  Our foremost approach is to put our client's mind at ease and search for explainable reasons for the claims reported.  In over 90% of our cases, we are able to "disprove" or "debunk" some or all of claims reported by finding explanations and causes for (shadows, sounds, smells, etc..) which are caused by various reasons.


How do other paranormal teams operate differently from Elite Paranormal?

Other local teams utilize psychics, religious practice and speculation to provide answers. Most teams offer services to cleanse or banish activity based on religious practice or ritual in which they encourage the ghosts to leave.  These teams go into an investigation with a mindset that a location is already haunted and set out to prove their opinion before they even arrive. Some groups call these practices spirit rescue or medium site assessments.  The vast majority of amateur paranormal teams also boast online and in public forum about the investigations they have conducted with disregard to confidentiality of their clientele.  Elite Paranormal cautions anyone from seeking these type of services from amateur or thrill seeking ghost hunters who claim their services are practical or effective.  Elite Paranormal recommends only teams that utilize a scientific and logical approach to investigating paranormal phenomenon and teams that have confidentiality standards in place.


Why choose Elite Paranormal?

We are a professional paranormal investigative team and an entity of Carolina Paranormal.  Our mission is to assist our high profile clients with investigating claims of paranormal activity and determining the cause.  Our team provides services such as historical research, site visit analysis including the deployment of state of the art equipment to assist in validation or disproving the existence of paranormal phenomenon.  Our confidentiality standards are the top in the field and our team’s training and focus is on discretion and professionalism.

We respect our client’s right to privacy.  Our Investigators are specially trained in conduct and appropriateness handling high profile clients.  Our Investigators are required to sign confidentiality agreements and all are subject to background checks.  Every aspect of the investigation is strictly confidential and will not be published anywhere.  Elite Paranormal Services is bonded and insured as an investigative team by State Farm Insurance Co.

We conduct our investigations primarily within a 100 mile radius of Charlotte, NC, and also travel throughout Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.