Wednesday, December 06, 2023

If you feel you have paranormal activity and want to prove or disprove the activity, please feel free to contact us. Remember all investigations are free of charge, however we do accept donations to cover our operational expenses.


Please read our Investigation Fact Sheet before requesting an investigation, this information will help you to understand our process and what to expect when requesting an investigation from Elite Paranormal Services.

If you have a question about the paranormal or our team, please e-mail us at


Before requesting an investigation from us, please make sure that you:

(1) truly want our assistance with investigating the paranormal in your home or business

(2) are the property owner or have direct access to the property owner of the location you are requesting us to investigate

(3) have discussed and have approval from all family members/residents/stakeholders of the property you are requesting for us to investigate

(4) please make sure you have read our Investigation Fact Sheet which provides additional details about our case management process and what to expect from us


All of our services are free to our clients. Please keep in mind, we have many volunteer hours of research, client profile building and case management involved for each client that contacts us. We ask if you request an investigation from us that you take consideration of our time, and the time of our other clients by making serious, full intention requests for our services.   Thank you.


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